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Weekly Prayers Gracefully Offered

by Rev. Diana Moore - Oct 12, 2014

Good Morning!

Fall has arrived in this part of the world, although not yet officially. The heat is on inside, not out, the air is crisp with the scent of apples and drying leaves and the color of the landscape is tinged with something other than bright green. We breathe differently. Most people I know have a favorite season and for many it is Fall. As with other times in our lives, this time of the year holds the tradition of various rituals, including shifting the summer wardrobe to the cold weather wardrobe, getting out extra blankets, making sure there is plenty of wood ready for the wood stove, canning and freezing foods, and thinking about putting those winter tires on the car. It is a nice time of the year for

  Sometimes we look at our lives in terms of seasons. If you look at your own life, which season do you resonate most with? In what ways can you honor that? Ritual is a beautiful way to honor all of the stages we move through and can be as simple as eating a favorite food while consciously acknowledging where we are. 

I invite us to take some time in the next few days to honor this seasonal shift and wherever we happen to be within it; honor ourselves with love, compassion and gratitude for being Here, in this place, and Now, in this time.

With Love & Blessings,

Rev. Diana

Rev. Diana Moore is an Ordained Interfaith-InterSpiritual Minister serving Vermont by providing memorial services, celebration of life services and grief support. For more information about Rev. Diana.

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