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Wake up! The sky is Orange

By Rev Diana's Nov 10, 2014

Good Morning!

My cat pounced on me this morning, clearly saying “Wake up! The sky is orange!”  It was a powerfully gorgeous sunrise that I might have missed otherwise.  Goldenorange sunrise in vermont moonrise….  Orange sunrise…. Sweet sacred dance circle…. Bubbling granddaughter love…. These are some of the abundant gifts I’ve received during the past 24 hours.  As you reflect on your recent days, what gifts were there for you?  Mother Earth offers us constant blessings.  When we stop for just a moment…listen….and look….we are almost guaranteed to see, hear or feel something beautiful.  Look up. The cloud spirits can offer a magical message, or a smile.  Look around – outside of our immediate surroundings – to the hills and mountains, or to the horizon and know that there is so much more to this world.  And below us is an unseen cosmology of mazes and details created by those we rarely notice or think about but whose world we share daily.  What a Joy it can be to be Here.

With Blessings & Gratitude,


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